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Simple.. Very Simple •041702 - 0116•

i'm soooooo freaking tired!!!
the great events of the 16th:
::wake up 10 mins. before having to leave for clinical (hospital hours)
::already low on sleep
::classmate calls to cover for them
::instead of taking care of two patients, we get two! (gotta work twice as fast)
::one of the patients is the mother of my confirmation teacher!!! (from church school)
::my teacher likes to talk and conversate... so does my other patient!
::time flies, i never got my break, i didn't get to report what i did on the computers either.
::lunch time! i'm STARVED! & some friends go to burger king..
::ate a double whopper and some fries in 5 mins. (should i say inhaled?)
::time for post conference... i sneakily snapped a picture of one of my friends falling asleep.. hahaha
:: i interrupt the conference.. i gotta go to work!
::work - wuhoo! frog legs!, i'm low on sugar..
::acting weird and totally out of it.. but hey i made a paper towel shot into the trash can backwards!
::don't you want my job? hehehe... time to go!
::go to see bwian on the other side of campus.. wuhoo!
::time to go home.. damnit! i walked to the wrong parking lot! *grr*
::home - "goodnite"
::up to room... classmate called.
::down from room... got fone.
::up to room.. talked to classmate... losing reception
::   knocked out for 5 mins... then classmate woke me up by calling again..
::   talked for a bit.. sis called to pick her up..
::down from room.. mom already left to pick her up..
::up to room.. (can you hear the violins?) knocked out for 15 mins.
::   woke 'cause mom & sis making noise in next room by moving the computer downstairs
::   tried to go back to sleep.. *bah* sis playing loud music
::down from room.. snacked.. i wanna spend some time with the family..
::up to room.. got bookbag and books
::down from room.......
YOU GET THE STORY... you probably got it 10 mins ago... hahaha.

well now i'm awake doing some report due tomorrow.. must... fin... ish..
MUST... STAY... A... WAKE...

•041502 - 0948•

things i've thought about the past few days:
::long-term relationships & "commitments"
::the crazy-ass weather
::good graded papers
::audiotistic (no.. i didn't go.. someone tell me about it  =P )
::getting a license plate frame that says: HELL000!!? It's called a f***ing signal!!!

wutcha think of the tests below? perdy interesting...


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