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Debuts are what pinays celebrate on their 18th birthday.  It's a debutante ball, basically.  In comparison to other cultures, most Americans celebrate a "Sweet 16," and traditional Hispanics celebrate by a "Quinceañera" at fifteen years old.  From what I gather, in the Philippines, only the upper class people are able to afford the formal ball, so it is a bit rare to hold such a celebration there.  But here, it is more common among the upper-middle class Filipinos.

In the following lists, the bolded words link to an explanation.  Keep in mind that any ideas in these explanations may be altered in ANY way to suit your tastes.

Important people of a Debut:
• Debutante •
• Royal Court •
• 18 Rose Sponsors •
• 18 Candle Sponsors •
• DJ •
Other Extra People (if you desire):
•Rose Bearer(s)•
•Candle Bearer(s)•
• Videographer •
• Photographer •
• Printer (for invites/program pamphlets) •
• Choreographer •
• Coordinator •
• Dressmaker •
• Hairdresser •
Basic Events:
• Seating •
• Entrance of Royal Court, Debutante, and Parents •
• Dinner •
• Cotillion •
• 18 Roses Dance •
• 18 Candles Presentation •
Extra Events:
• Life Highlights Video •
• Father/Daughter Dance •
• Thankyou Speech •
• Other Special Speakers •
Pictures, you ask?
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P.S.  If you are in Southern California, and would like to include a cotillion in your program, I do choreograph!  Contact me and maybe I can work for YOU!

"Traditional" debuts can range from $5,000 to almost $20,000.  That is, if you're going for the formal kind.  (I've even heard about a family who spent $100,000!!!  That's for those who are millionaires.)  Non-formal can be practically free, if you don't think about buying a cake!  But any other questions, or even suggestions on what to add here, please .  I'll be sure to reply ASAP.