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     The ROYAL COURT is made of 9 couples of PINOYS & PINAYS, including the debutante and her escort.  They perform in the COTILLION and maybe even the ROSES or CANDLES.  Also, if extra help is needed, they usually step in (such as for helping guests sign-in and find their seats).
     Usually, the PINOYS wear tuxs or barongs with slacks.  The PINAYS may have their dresses made, or they could be just bought and altered.

     The COURT does not have to consist of only PINOY & PINAYS, especially here in the very diverse America!  If it is really desired, the court could be made up of all ages, as long as the cotillion is kept in mind.  The girls could have extra accessories, like gloves, corsages, or even wands!
     Also, in my debut, about half the guys dyed their hair the same as my color scheme: BLUE!