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   The CANDLE SPONSORS are 18 PINAYS who are important to the debutante.  During the CANDLE PRESENTATION, they light a candle on/near the birthday cake for the debutante.  They can also say a few words to the debutante, or vice versa.  This will have to be communicated through the MCs.

   Again, the SPONSORS do not have to be all PINAYS.  They may include friends, ATES, TITAS, LOLAS.  Also, if it is desired for men to be incorporated, they could be the ones to escort the females to the candle.  Another version I've seen is where the candle is lit and the SPONSOR takes it over to the seated debutanted to be blown out.  At the same time, they may say a few birthday wishes at a microphone.  They could pick up the candles from a candle bearer (an ADING).