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   The LIFE HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO is put together to show various memories, and important people, from the debutante's life, and to show her growing up.  This usually happens right after dinner to give the COURT time to let food settle before performing.

   The VIDEO is not necessary, and it does not have to be right after dinner.  In one debut I was in, we never ate until the end!  Also, the VIDEO may be dedicated to someone special.


   SPEAKERS are used for the prayer over dinner, to welcome the guests to the special event, and even to speak about their experience of seeing the debutante grow up.  PRESENTERS can fill in any gaps where there is a transistion in any of the main events, like between the HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO and the COTILLION.

   Instead of having a VIDEO you can have multiple SPEAKERS spread throughout the celebration.  Or you can have PRESENTERS do their own presentation in tribute to you.  They could sing, recite a poem, or even to there own little dance!


Pinoy = Filipino guy                         Pinay = Filipino girl

There isn't much more to it...  If you have a better definition, and it's not a biased hate-filled definition, please send it to me.  I'll compile various definitions right here, and you'll get all the credit (as long as you tell me how you want to be credited).

Other words that you may see throughout my site:
(All of the following can either be the real person or someone who represents the same meaning to you.)

KUYA (koo-yah) - older brother
ATE (ah-teh) - older sister
ADING (ah-ding) - younger sibling
LOLO (loe-loh) - grandfather
LOLA (loe-lah) - grandmother
TITO (tih-toh) - uncle
TITA (tih-tah) - aunt


<-=- My Guys!

  ,.- My Girls!
Hey DJ, Play this Song!

Dance, Dance, Dance  -=->

At My Friend's Debut!
Never Stop the

18 Roses -=->
Note the Barong
The hair?  It's my sister!
She's Pretty Good, You Know? -=->

One Last Thing...  Don't Let the Stress Kill You!!!